About The Club

Our official name is the MIDWEST CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION/CHICAGO PARROT HEAD CLUB, but our friends call us MCA for short.  MCA was started in '93 and, to date, we are 175+ members and growing every month.

We are a locally organized Parrot Head Club, recognized and supported by Jimmy Buffett and his interests in Key West and New Orleans.  We’re a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist in community outreach programs and to provide for its members a means of social interaction for people interested in Jimmy Buffett's music and tropical spirit.  This is in keeping with the goals of all nationwide Parrot Head clubs of providing volunteer support for local and environmental concerns, as well as hosting assorted social activities for people with similar tastes and interests.  We are not associated with HK Management, MCA records, or Margaritaville Records.

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First, Some Background Info....

Our official name is the MIDWEST CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION/CHICAGO PARROT HEAD CLUB, but our friends call us MCA for short.  Back in the early spring of '93 some people from the Chicago area heard about the National Parrot Head Clubs that were cropping up around the country (at present there are more than 170 officially recognized clubs in place--but more on that later), and realized that Chicago could use one too.  And thus the seeds for MCA were planted.  Inquiries and plans were made, volunteers were drafted, and by the time summer rolled around the club was sailing full steam ahead.  To date, we are almost 200 members strong with more who are nibbling at our bait (including yourselves).


When and where do we meet?

We meet at Elmhurst Public House (683 W. St. Charles Rd, Elmhurst, IL). We start with a brief meeting to take care of club business, we highlight upcoming events, welcome new members and then the main emphasis is being social.  More Info


What kind of activities qualify as a "major" event?

This could be anything from a trip to the zoo, the Shedd Aquarium, the Race track, or Wrigley Field; a day spent helping to clean up the Dunes; attending concerts, etc.  Some of our best ideas have come from our members, so if you have any, let us know.

Our largest charity event is Party In Parrot-Dise.


Every year we host a Tailgreat Party before the Saturday Buffett concert in the woods nearby, attracting members from clubs all over the country.

We also host an Alpine bus trip and tailgate party to the Alpine concert with food and drink provided. 

Our annual events include:  Alzheimer's Memory Walk, MS Walk, clothing and food drives, decorating a Christmas Tree at Brookfield Zoo, competing in the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival, and a weekend camping trip.  We collect pop tops for Ronald McDonald House, toiletries for a women’s shelter and we meet quarterly for Adopt-A-Highway cleanup, usually followed by a happy hour.  We also support other clubs and their major events – ROAD TRIPS!

We try to have a major event once a quarter, and social hours, generally at a bar with live entertainment, once a month.

What perks come with being a member?

First, you get a new group of fellow Parrot Heads to socialize with, both locally and across the country.  With your membership you receive a club t-shirt, and a year's subscription to our Newsletter, and access to all kinds of great social and charitable events.  You'll also have an official pipeline to the latest news about Jimmy and fellow Parrot Heads.



Midwest Caribbean Association/Chicago Parrot Head Club
P.O. Box 6313
Villa Park, IL 60181-6313



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